Pedestrian Crossing - Solar Flashing LED Pedestrian Crossing Sign

Pedestrian Crossing - Solar Flashing LED Pedestrian Crossing Sign

$ 1,295.00

Size: 30x30

Our Solar LED signs are fully self-contained with no wiring or electrical hook up required.  And these are really sleek set ups.  Our solar panels are built right into the frame of the sign.  Other companies have a bulky, separate solar panel that stick up above the signs and requires additional installation.  Our signs are all made with 3M Diamond Grade reflective sheeting with a UV protective over-laminate for the highest visibility and longest durability available.  And they simply bolt on to a standard sign post so installation is as easy as hanging a regular sign.

Advantages of LED illuminated Signs:

  • Easy installation
  • Energy efficient; consumes 90% less electricity.
  • Visible for up to 500 meters.
  • No caballing or electrical grid required.
  • No maintenance/service required (3yr guarantee).
  • Once fully charged, can work for up to 10 days without sun.
  • Adaptable to virtually any sign.

Light Source: High Intensity Optical LED's; 50,000 hours life span

Power Supply: Lead Acid Battery; 3,000 charge cycles or High Quality Monocrystallin Solar Panels

Viewing Distance: 500m +

Operating Time: 10 nights on a single charge. Automatic turn on when ambient light falls below 215 lux.