Roll Up Signs

Ribs Must Be Ordered Separately! 

All our Roll Up signs are made from premium, state-of-the-art materials. For daytime use we offer Non-Reflective Premium Mesh or Vinyl with superior fade resistant stabilizers. For daytime, as well as night time use, we offer our Standard Reflective and our High Performance Reflective materials.

Standard Roll-up Sign Features:

  • Heavy Duty Rib Assembly
  • Corner Pockets: The durable Lexan corner pocket holds the sign frame firmly in place while protecting all four corners of the sign for increased durability. Allows for quick and easy set-up and removal of roll-up signs.
  • Auto Latch Bracket: Our corner pocket easily snaps into stands equipped with an Auto-Latch bracket. The quick release lever and the stand allows for quick and easy sign removal.
  • Anti-kiting Device: The pre-coated nylon strap attaches to the sign and rib assembly to eliminate the sail effect caused by back wind that could walk a stand into oncoming traffic.
  • Sign Storage Strap: The hook & loop Sign Storage Strap assures that the roll-up sign will remain rolled up during storage.
  • Legend Identification: The border legend allows for quick identification of the roll-up sign without the necessity of unrolling the sign face.

All signs are designed using the Standard Highway Signs Manual as specified in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).