• New Year...New Signs

New Year...New Signs

When was the last time you replaced the signs in your parking lot? Having the proper signs in place is the most important step, but just like everything else, signs do have a shelf life. So just because you have a Stop sign in place it does not mean that Stop sign meets federal and state regulations. All traffic signs on any public or private property where public is invited to travel must meet minimum retroreflective standards along with a list of other federal requirements regarding size, color, location, height of sign, etc.

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Local and state Inspectors have the proper tools to assess a signs reflectivity. But a good rule of thumb to follow in knowing when to replace your signs would be if the ink on the signs is fading(ie. your stop sign is more pink than red), if the reflective sheeting is cracking or peeling, or if you purchased the signs more than 5-7 years ago. You can also do a simple inspection at night with a flashlight or with your vehicle lights. The sign should "light up" and become very bright when a car's lights hit the sign. If your signs still don't "light up" and merely shine or look dull, then it is time to get new signs.

We are happy to help in any way we can if you have questions as to whether or not your current signs are compliant. Just take some photos of your signs in the day and/or at night with a flash (like you see below) and we can help you assess whether they need to be replaced or not.
Look at these photos to get an idea of what compliant and non-compliant signs should look like at night.

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