• Your Sign and Safety Tip

Your Sign and Safety Tip

With millions of students heading back to school, safety should be on all our minds. Fluorescent Yellow Green (FYG) signs are a great way to add safety to a school zone and they are now required by the Federal Highway Administration's MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices). Many towns and school systems already have these signs in place. U.S. Signs and Safety is a proud supporter of the federal "Safe Route to School Program." The Safe Route to School Program also recommends adding a FYG reflective sleeve to the post under the FYG sign.

What are Reflective Sleeves on Sign Posts?
Commonly known as a post reflector, these 3" wide strips bring extra attention to school signs for added safety. Reflective sleeves are .080 panels of aluminum covered with reflective sheeting that attach to sign posts. According to the MUTCD, the reflective sleeve must be at least two inches in width and be placed the full length of the post from the sign to within two feet above the edge of the roadway. The color of the reflective sleeve must match the background color of the sign. Reflective sleeves are available in all MUTCD sign colors, including yellow and fluorescent yellow-green.

What is the Benefit of Reflective Sleeves on Sign Posts?
Reflective sleeves enhance the visibility of traffic signs by converting the sign post area into a reflective surface. This is especially beneficial at night and during low light conditions. With respect to schools, reflective sleeves can help alert drivers to school zone speed limit signs and crosswalk warning signs, thereby, increasing the safety of students who walk and bike to school.

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