• School is Back

School is Back

Summer is winding down and that means that the start of the school year is just around the corner.  And you know what else is just around the corner?  Our kids.  Walking to school, riding their bikes and probably not paying as much attention as they should be to the cars and traffic around them.  U.S. Signs and Safety is a proud supporter of the Safe Routes to School Program which encourages elementary and middle school children to safely walk and bike to school.  School systems, towns, and municipalities can do their part by making sure all proper signage is in place.  Replace old, faded and out of date signs with new signage that is easy to see both day and night.  Schools and parents organizations should take an active role in reminding parents and the community at large to take extra caution in upcoming weeks.  Be alert, drive cautiously and pay extra attention to our children as they make their way back to school.

And if you drive your kids to school please be even more diligent in the school parking lots and drop off lines, especially in the beginning of the school year as kids and parents get accustomed to the traffic flow procedures implemented by each school.

We offer a variety of products that help create a safer route to school as well as signs that clearly mark parking lots and drop-off lines.

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