• Show Our Troops A Sign Campaign Feedback

Show Our Troops A Sign Campaign Feedback

Our new blog is helping get the message out about our Show Our Troops A Sign campaign.  And we are building momentum each week with every sign we make.
We have received a lot of positive feedback for our Show Our Troops A Sign campaign and we want to share a great story with you about how passionate people are about this idea.
When we first launched this project, we sent a few signs out to some of our current customers to get their opinion on the concept and what they thought of the two different layouts. One of these customers was our good friend Bruce at Highway Markings in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Not only did he like the sign that we gave him, but he immediately showed it to his bosses and they placed an order that day for 24 more signs to mount on their highway line striping trucks.
And a day later, they ordered 36 more signs that we custom made with their company name on the bottom, for them to give to their own customers as gifts!  Such a great idea.  And for purchasing those 60 signs, we donated $150 to The Wounded Warrior Project.
Here is a photo of some of the great people at Highway Markings in front of one of their paint trucks that the signs are going to be mounted on. 
What a super way to show support for our servicemen and women as they drive all over the state of Tennessee!


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